In this exhibition, Shire Hall will display all of its pieces of Jason’s work together for the first time, including his ground-breaking virtual reality experience.

Jason vs the System

Wilsher-Mills’ most ambitious work to date.

Jason vs the System is a ground-breaking virtual reality experience exploring disability and inclusion.

Using a VR headset and wireless controllers, visitors will enter a full realised world of Wilsher-Mills creation. Visitors will race through a dystopian landscape, which features DWP buildings alongside the cottages of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, and hear the stories of real people who’ve gone through the benefits system.

*Funded by Arts Council England

Jason Wilsher-Mills using the VR experience


The exhibition will also feature Tolpuddle Martyrs Remixed, the Parliament banner and, for a limited time, the Tolpuddle Sheet Argonaut.

Jason Wilsher-Mills said:

“The story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs is so important to me. I feel strongly that they were part of the same struggle which my art reflects on. I am a disabled artist who makes art about my own life, and those within the disabled community who do not have a voice. Whilst the Martyrs were fighting for different rights, they were part of the same movement of struggle.”

The Tolpuddle Legacy is on display at Shire Hall from 10th September until 1st December 2021.