‘I am the Love that dare not speak its name’

In this talk, Mark Damon Chutter will explore the work of Oscar Wilde, Sylvia Townsend Warner , Virginia Woolf and the playwright Joe Orton. Embedded in the session will be a timeline of LGBTQ+ history and injustice. Alongside these literary works will be a discussion around the more recent television productions of ‘ Queer as Folk’ and ‘It’s A Sin’ .

Come and join Mark for this engaging workshop . We will look at extracts together and explore the codes, conventions and euphemistic language that have been used over the years to closet and to repress sexual identities. Mark will also consider how the law and justice system failed so many people and how today the government is ignoring many trans voices .

This talk will be inclusive and engaging and will be open for discussion and debate.

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This talk is part of Shire Hall Museum’s activity for LGBTQ+ History Month, supported by RiskSTOP Group Ltd.