In March 2022, Shire Hall launches its new series Raising Voices. The aim of this series is to share the stories of people and communities whose voices weren’t always heard.

This first instalment of the series will explore women’s experiences with justice. Examining the stories of Martha Brown, Charlotte Bryant and Violet Van der Elst, all of whom were involved with trials and sentencing at Shire Hall.

New interpretation on these women will be displayed throughout the museum, adding to the visitor experience and increasing awareness about these women, telling their stories through their own words.

Over the next few years, Shire Hall will expand its Raising Voices series to discover and share stories from more people and communities.


For more information about Raising Voices: Women and the Justice System, please click here


Trigger Warning:
Please be aware that Raising Voices: Women and the Justice System discusses some difficult and potentially distressing topics. These include: domestic violence, punishment up to and including execution, and mention of suicide.