In association with Dorchester Arts for LGBTQ+ History Month.

The most mainstream feature by experimental English director Derek Jarman, Caravaggio matches melodramatic speculations about the artist’s life with painterly beauty.

From his deathbed in 1610, Caravaggio (Nigel Terry) looks back over his turbulent triangular relationship with two of the models for his religious paintings, street thug Ranuccio (Sean Bean) and Ranuccio’s mistress Lena (Tilda Swinton). Though the film was shot in a studio in Limehouse, Jarman’s use of light and sound conjure an authentically Italian mood, with the atmosphere deliberately punctured by anachronisms such as a pocket calculator and a motorbike.

“…an enterprise of extraordinary daring and resonance” Sight & Sound.

This screening will be taking place at The Corn Exchange, Dorchester.

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