“Ever increasing use of custody (reputedly with the encouragement of the public) is accompanied by a continuing decline in public confidence in the criminal justice system. The lesson that has to be learned is that it is critical to tackle offending behaviour and custody is only one option of achieving this. Community sentences can work”.

The Rt Hon The Lord Woolf – Lord Chief Justice

The Local Crime Community Sentence (LCCS) is offering members of the public the opportunity to take part in an interactive presentation at Shire Hall, where the audience can decide whether the offender of a serious crime should go to prison or be given a community sentence. The presentation will cover the different aspects of a Community Sentence. The presentation will take the audience beyond the newspaper headlines and show how the Magistrates Courts and Probation really tackle crime and it also allows the audience to have their say on how offenders should be treated.

The LCCS has been launched nationally throughout England and Wales and is a joint project run by the Probation Association (PA) and the Magistrates Association (MA). LCCS aims to increase the knowledge and understanding of Community Sentences and the work of the Magistracy and the Probation Service.